The team at CBG – attentive and discreet

With their amiable ways, Pak Cilik and his team create an atmosphere where you feel like part of the family. Our staff is set on offering an outstanding service for all of our guests and make every effort to anticipate your wishes. Quite by the way, there will be several opportunities to chat a little. That way, incidentally you can learn about life on Bali and even practice some Balinese phrases, if you wish.

We are proud of a great solidarity within the team and its extreme consistency. Since the founding of Cilik’s Beach Garden, employee fluctuation has been nearly negligible. We are basically one big family and look forward to welcome you with open arms.

Rüdiger Krechel explains the special history and concept of Cilik’s Beach Garden. Have a look at his detailed description about the interesting story of the resort.

Madé Sukresna (Cilik) and Cening

These are Made Sukresna and his wife Cening. Made is called “Cilik” – his nick-name since his days in school - and our resort is called after him. Cilik has given the land for the central part of the resort and has built Villa West and Villa East together with Rüdiger.

Jersan and Tri Utami

Jersan Gedé is Cilik’s eldest son, married with Tri Utami Dewi. He got his BA in tourism manangement, and since 2015 he is the manager of our resort. Jersan is responsible for our booking system and all financals. As a host he feels obliged to the well being of our guests.


Nyoman heads the service team and is also in charge of the guest bills. Formerly, Nyoman was a fisherman and with great enthusiasm he still goes out to sea for fishing and for our boat tours. Over and above, he conducts a Gamelan orchestra. With all his skills, he keeps about 20 musicians together – and in good mood!


Ketut had been working for a travel agency in South-Bali and for many years has taken guests around the island. Now he is part of the service team in Air Sanih, takes guests for tours around the island, and helps with the transport from and to the airport. Make use of his intimate knowledge of Bali and engage him for a tour.

Service Balinesische Küche

Gede is our third member in the service team, always full of verve and in good mood. He oversees the barbeque, makes the meat- and fish-satés, and broils tuna steak or coral fish with great expertise. No matter if for breakfast, snack or dinner, Gede will cater to your special food or drinking requests.

Mek Andi

Mek Andi is a sister of Cilik’s wife Cening and the wife of Gede. She is our chef-de-cuisine. It is her credit that our Nasi Goreng doesn’t taste like the Nasi Goreng just anywhere. Her various vegetables will be served fresh, crisp and delicately seasoned (Just try the “Urab”!) and she developed her Tom Kha Gai, originating from the famous Thai chicken soup, to her own brand with outstanding quality and taste.


Komang is Ketut’s wife and our second cook. She is responsible for baking the bread, the tasty poppy-seed and sesame sticks, as well as preparing the tropical marmalades. Nowhere on Bali you’ll find such a savory poppy-seed rye bread, a sunflower-seed bread with such an aromatic crust, or white bread so close to a Swiss “Tresse au Beurre”.


For many years Putra has taken care of house and garden of Villa East. In the morning he looks after the beach in front of the house, and while you enjoy breakfast, he cleans your rooms. During the day, he pays attention that the sea terrace, the pavilion and the garden stay in impeccable condition. In case you have some requests during the day or there is something to do in the house or the garden, be sure, Putra is only a call away.


The Villa West is Madé’s district. He attends to house and garden, the Balé (pavillion) and the sea terrace with great care. Since he took over his job, the Villa is in impeccable and well-kept condition, something very important under tropical climate conditions.


He is a younger brother of Nyoman and a dedicated and gifted gamelan musician. For two years now he lends a hand to Putra, Made and Wayan with garden work. He takes care that the area around the parking lot, between the houses of the Balinese partners and the CBG office is well tended. Sometimes he also helps out as a driver.

Wayan Sumitra

Wayan is one of our two night guards, and takes care of your safety during the night and an undisturbed sleep. Wayan Sumitra is awake for you at Villa West and Villa East.


Mali is our second night guard. He is responsible for your safety in Oktagon and Lumbung during the night.


Nengah is our massage therapist. Her massage is extraordinarily competent. You can enjoy this kind of well-being at an affordable price.


Yuni is our external partner for massage, and yoga. Besides massage and yoga, she also completed an education in meditation techniques. On previous orders, she is available with her experience and skills.