Enjoy with all your senses

At our resort, we offer so much more than just activities, most importantly a chance to calm down, let go of everyday life (and stress!) and open yourself up to living in the moment.

Just imagine experiencing the early tropical morning with those intense colors, crisp and covered in morning dew. At night, watch the light disappear in a dramatical sunset, with an aperitif in hand, sitting on your patio next to the ocean. Maybe late at night, a lubak will surprise you as it explores the resort. Don’t worry, it is very shy and only eats fruit!


Watch the chipmunks as they chase through the palm trees and the bamboo, or the hummingbirds drinking nectar from blossoms, with their little wings buzzing. Sometimes, you can see a school of fish jumping from wave to wave as they try to escape a predatory fish. Enjoy your favorite music and finally take the time to finish that book you have been meaning to read for a long time. Or take the example of those guest who simply nod off, listening to the waves, in their lounging chairs on their private patio…

Massage und Yoga

Our relaxing Balinese massages are a special treat. Just schedule your appointment with Yuni or Nengah, who offer wellness massages. But as trained massage therapists, they can also help you with various ailments. Furthermore, they offer yoga lessons.


Naturally, you will want to enjoy the ocean, go swimming or snorkeling (you can borrow the necessary equipment here). Swimming early in the morning or during sunset is also a very relaxing activity a lot of guests enjoy very much.