A special resort surrounded by wonderful gardens

Our resort, Cilik’s Beach Garden, covers over nearly two hectares of land and includes just two villas and two bungalows in that space. The houses are built in traditional Balinese style and in a very generous layout. They are located well apart from each other resulting in a spacious and ample privacy. If you should so desire, there is no need to meet another souls for days on end, with the exception of your servers.

If however, you wish to participate in local culture, that is of course also possible. You can experience life of a Balinese family firsthand by watching twice a day the offerings at many places in our resort. And in the Balinese part of our premises, how your host Pak Cilik and his family is living, cooking, and how they – in typical Balinese fashion – are always friendly and in a good mood without being intrusive at all. Pak Cilik, who is a very active part of his community, has great knowledge of both the village and the region and welcommes you to experience Balines culture and life firsthand.