Ciliks Beach Garden – a resort in a garden at the beach

Cilik’s Beach Garden is located at a beach with black sand on Bali’s north coast, 11 miles east of the former Balinese capital of Singaraja. Our village is called Air Sanih because of a spring water pool right at the sea shore. Following the castal road about 9 miles to the east, you reach the village Tejakula. Ubud is about one and a half hours away and can be reached by the Kintamani – Gunung Batur mountain road. the airport is about three and a half hours away.

Enjoy the tranquil atmosphere in our beachside garden, far away from mass tourism. Even outside of the resort you will rarely meet any tourist. 

Here on Bali’s north coasts, we get more days of sunshine than in the central and southern parts of the island. The region around Air Sanih has a much drier climate and longer periods without rain even during the rainy season.

Because we are located directly by the sea, the refreshing ocean breeze cools down the temperature and keeps the mosquitos away. Only between November and April, mosquito repellent is a must at sunset. All of our houses are equipped with mosquito nets.

The private beach in front of our resort is changing with the sasonal currents. Sometimes the water reaches the base of the sea wall infront of CBG. Because of that, we have built two groynes, which provide for a permanent strip of sand at the beachfront of our property. Usually, the ocean here at the north coast is quite calm, and swimming is pleasant and safe even when the tide is high. In August, January and February, the surf can be rather strong and swimming might be difficult on certain days. Then the public spring water pool “Air Sanih”, 250 meters to the west, offers an option for a refreshing bath or swim.