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Volcanoes on Bali



Cilik’s Beach Garden is located on the black sandy north coast of Bali, 18 km east of the old island capital Singaraja. Our village Air Sanih (“consecrated water”) is an authentic Balinese village where also traditional ceremonies with gamelan music, expressive dances and traditional shadow plays (“Wayang kulit”) take place. You are always welcome to experience these events.

Away from mass tourism, you can enjoy peace and nature in a garden on the beach. The sound of the sea and the song of the birds accompany your day. From the coastal road we are shielded by a four meter high, overgrown wall. Only when the sea is very calm can you hear any noises. On the north coast of Bali the sun shines more often than in the central and southern areas. Long dry and sun phases make also in the rainy season pleasant stays possible without too long rain periods.

Volcanoes on Bali – Gunung Agung

The Gunung Agung is with 3142 meters Bali’s highest mountain and volcano. It is a stratified volcano that erupts in long, often more than hundred year intervals and rests in the intermediate phases. The people settle again and again far up the mountain slopes, among other things because the fertile ashes provide ideal soils for agriculture.

The region around Singaraja, the village Air Sanih and Ciliks Beach Garden are not in a danger area during an Agung eruption, firstly because they are too far away and secondly because they are shielded and protected by the Batur massif in between. So you don’t have to fear any immediate dangers in our resort.

Volcanism is an interesting and important topic especially in Indonesia. Therefore we have compiled further detailed information: Earthquakes and volcanoes in Indonesia and Balis Gunung Agung.


Bali and Java have a low regional risk of malaria, the major cities are considered to be free of malaria ( Mosquitoes are more frequent in the rainy season than in the dry season (dry season prevails in the European summer months). However, one should protect oneself against mosquito bites. Skin protection is provided by e. g. Anti-Brumm or Nobite (available in pharmacies). During the night you will sleep safely under a mosquito net. If you travel to other regions of Indonesia, you should take a standby medicine, Malarone, for example.

Check the standard vaccinations (tetanus…); possibly also to prevent hepatitis. Combined vaccination against hepatitis A and B is well tolerated. Detailed information: or

In recent years, medical care in Indonesia and Bali in particular has improved significantly. There is also qualified medical care in the nearby city of Singaraja.