Villa West (accomodates 2-3 guests)

The structure of this house is similar to “Villa Ost“. It is a bit smaller and can accommodate two to three guests comfortably. It was made using the same local and natural materials as “Villa Ost”. The beautiful furniture with antiques and carefully chosen accessories adds to its special and very personal atmosphere.

The 860-square feet living- and sleeping room is furnished with a master bed and a sleeping sofa. Furthermore, the room contains a desk facing the window front and the sea, an antique cabinet with stereo and a selection of books and a seating area. You can store your luggage and clothes in the small spare room, where you also find the safe and a refrigerator. The large open bathroom is partly covered and allows views into the tops of the coconut palms and flowery bushes.

The canopied patio is a wonderful place to enjoy your sea view. Your meals are served in a garden pavilion. And your beach patio with lounging chairs offers pure relaxation. The lush tropical garden provides complete privacy for the guests in our “Villa West”.


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