Excursions, tours, combination weeks

Upon arrival, most of our guests want to relax first and enjoy this beautiful place, where they find time to slow down from their hectic lives. For all of that, we offer the ideal setting.

However, there are families where the parents want to relax for a couple of weeks, but the kids need more action. And even our most stressed out patrons become curious about what the island has to offer after they have had time to unwind, to get used to the time difference and the different climate.

If you, too, should experience a growing desire to go and do some sightseeing, you can choose from these different options:


Hikes, excursions, tours

First of all, we offer different easy hikes that start at our resort. You can explore the hilly scenery above CBG or walk along the beach for hours.

We plan individual tours for you, whether by car or boat. Tell us where you would like to go or what you wish to see and we can arrange something for you. Ideas and descriptions of possible tours are included in your welcome package in your villa.


Tours that last several days

We offer nine different options, with durations lasting from two to four days. These programs have been planned in detail for you to incorporate them into your stay at CBG. Our partners will execute some of them, and you can book these options before your arrival.


Combination weeks

Patrons who return to CBG repeatedly may wish to combine their stay at the resort with a stay at a different place in Bali, Indonesia or one of the neighboring states. We are able to provide you with options that we have all tested ourselves. We are happy to assist you with planning and booking.