Our services

Your day at our resort …

… starts on your private terrace or in your pavilion. After an early tea, a rich breakfast awaits you. Coffee and tea are available all day. At lunchtime, a small snack – think fried bananas, crepes with coconut and coconut sugar or small fried maniok cakes – helps to keep hunger at bay. At night, enjoy a cocktail and look forward to a delicious Balinese meal: Fish, freshly caught by your host, meat and endless variations of vegetable and rice dishes.

All villas and bungalows have their own housekeeper. While you are enjoying your breakfast, your housekeeper cleans your mansion or bungalow and makes sure that everything is spotless for you. Simply put your laundry in its designated hamper and get it back clean the next day. This service comes at no additional cost for you. Your housekeeper, who also your designated gardener, is always available and will assist you with any questions or needs.

You can access the Internet in our office or rent a small portable modem for the duration of your stay.

If you should want to discover the sights Bali’s northern part has to offer, we have collected numerous ideas for you. There are many temples, beautiful scenery and typical manufacturers, which you can visit on tours lasting from half a day to one day. Inside the resort, we offer yoga and relaxing massages.

It is also possible to experience traditional dances and gamelan music in our village, Air Sanih, during one of the many celebrations and ceremonies held there.


The following services are included in the booking price:

  • a refreshing drink to welcome you here at Cilik’s Beach Garden,
  • a “good-morning-drink” each morning when you wake up,
  • a rich breakfast (á la carte), coffee and tea all day,
  • a daily snack that is sufficient as a small and tasty lunch
  • laundry service,
  • room service and a “night guard” for your house ,
  • a safe and mini fridge in every house,
  • a stereo and a selection of CDs and books in the mansions and the “octagon” bungalow,
  • table tennis at our office patio