Breakfast at Cilik’s Beach Garden

We strive to offer our patrons a lot to choose from at breakfast time. Enjoy your coffee, tea, milk or hot chocolate with a variety of breads. Our homemade sunflower seed bread, aromatic whole wheat bread or challah; spread with butter, honey or homemade tropical jams, are on offer daily.

Moreover, we serve a variety of freshly prepared egg dishes, hearty jaffles or french toast. For those who have a sweet tooth, crepes and baked bananas are available, too. Fresh fruit is always part of our breakfast; enjoy it over or homemade yoghurt or on its own.

Breakfast is included in your stay.


Lunch and dinner at Cilik’s Beach Garden

A light lunch is included in your stay. Should you still crave more after that, it is of course possible to order a full meal, but mostly, our guest find that unnecessary, as they can look forward to their typical Balinese dinner each night.

With only a few exceptions, all the food we offer is sourced locally and represents typical Balinese fare. Try the delicious tropical vegetables, and, most importantly, the freshly caught fish. If at all possible, Pak Cilik and his team catch the fish themselves or buy it from local fishermen. Why not catch your own tuna on a fishing tour with Pak Cilik or Nyoman, if that is your thing?

The Balinese are big meat-lovers. That is why we often cook with pork and poultry, but not beef (as Hinduist rules do not allow that). One of our specialties is sweet-and-sour chicken with tamarind and palm sugar – highly recommended!

For us, so-called “side-dishes” are very important. We want to prepare rice, pasta and potatoes with care and in exciting, perhaps even new ways. All three ingredients mentioned above make for interesting and delicious dishes if prepared the right way. Rice has a special place in Balinese cuisine, as “to eat” is the same as “to eat rice” in Balinese. Therefore, it might not even come as a surprise that we offer six varieties of rice at our resort.

Of course, we strive to fulfil your culinary wishes, too, whether you are a vegetarian or do not like to eat very spicy dishes.

By the way – if Balinese cooking intrigues you, you would like to know how to prepare an authentic Sambal or how to use Balinese herbs – our kitchen is not a secret place. Come and watch our cooks as they prepare your meal; our kitchen is always open for you!


Special Menu and Babi Guling

On special occasions, we serve our “special menu” or prepare a “babi guling”. For this feast, a Balinese pot-bellied pig is stuffed with herbs and roasted on a bamboo spit over an open fire. This authentic Balinese happening creates an almost ritual atmosphere. Balinese palm beer and coconut milk accompany this hearty meal, which is part of every Balinese celebration.

Traditional gamelan music by an orchestra of about 20 musicians and Balinese theatrical dancers with traditional costumes and masks round off the festivities.

All of this makes for an afternoon and night to remember!



Your fridge is always filled with cold drinks. Upon arrival, you decide how to stock it: regular water, sparkling water, Coca Cola, Fanta, tonic water, Bitter Lemon and other sodas are on offer. 

In addition to that, we offer beer, rosé, white wine or (mostly imported) dry red wine. For special occasions, try our surprisingly good dry champagne from Balinese grapes. These drinks will appear on a separate tab.

Always available for you are our delicious juices: fresh papaya, pineapple, mango or other juices from seasonal, fresh fruit. With yoghurt, these juices make for a tasty “lassi”. And have you ever tried milk from very young coconuts? They make for a refreshing indulgence!

Many Balinese are true connaisseurs when it comes to alcoholic beverages…We are happy to offer our carefully chosen local drinks and spirits, like tuak (local palm beer, made in our village, Air Sanih), brem (rice wine from a “secret” facility near Ubud) and arak (rice brandy from southern Bali).

For western palates, you can of course also enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or have a gin and tonic, Campari and soda or Cuba Libre.


We are happy to send you our menu for further information.